5 Minute Pelvic Floor Exercise

Warm Up

Exhale all you can, inhale slow and rreeeeellaaaaaaaaxxxx.

5 Minute Pelvic Floor Workout

Exhale again and lift your pelvic floor muscles until it feels like your pelvic floor muscles are so very high that they can push a little more air out of your lungs.

Inhale relax fully

Exhale contract high and tight

Inhale relax fully

Exhale even more high and tight.

10X Workout

  • Set a timer for 1 min and do as many PF contractions as you can in 1 min.
  • Next 4 exercises focus is quality over speed:
  1. Diagonal Contractions 20 on each side
  2. Back side 20 X (anal)
  3. Front side 20X (public bone to waist)
  4. Practice the more difficult of above 30 more times

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