Does Pilates Make You More Patient? I Think So!

Pelvic Floor-work has made me more patient. No really, it has.  I’m not always perfectly efficient but when I am in my flow of routine, I’m triple type A.  I plan the day and confirm it the night before, I set a list of goals and estimate time required to complete them, I schedule my life to support kids and spouse, I plan exercise and even sex.  I try to buffer my timelines for “spontaneity” we wouldn’t want to miss a photo opportunity after the kid’s game or the chance for multiple orgasms, right?

Not Enough Buffering Time

But if several items on my to-do list take longer than expected I can bubble over with impatience.  Faced with traffic, long grocery lines, long post office lines, doctor’s office is behind schedule, I’d fume silently “HOW can THESE PEOPLE work like this with no ETE; Estimated Time of Effect!?” I’d wonder, “How much of my buffering time am I chewing up here and when will the effect of the errand keep my effectiveness inflow?” 

Pelvic Floor to the Rescue

Pelvic Floor work saved me from that aggravation.  I can be incredibly productive in delays, while my spontaneous gift of time for Pelvic Floor work is put to use.  I still practice Pelvic Floor work in class and on schedule.  And additionally, when real-life delays like being on hold, or in line or in traffic provides time to… Lift X 100. Then I can Elevator for 1 min. Then I will Diagonal pulse and hold 1 min.  I can circuit train my Pelvic floor for how ever long I have available and then I can add “Practiced PF Work” to that day’s accomplishments.  Since Postural Muscles are so much more responsive with repetition my waiting isn’t wasted, even if I fall behind in my schedule I stay on track with my goals.

Get Working

Find a workout to use when being patient by clicking over to the blog page for more exercises, like 5 Minute Pelvic Floor.

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