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Your improvements will happen faster with this method because we practice the contractions and pelvic floor exercises in many planes of motion.  We also practice squeezing and strengthening differently than your traditional Kegels. It’s also important to practice this method and putting a time on your calendar to do it on a regular basis will hold you accountable.

Thighs, Abs and Glutes are co-contractors of the pelvic floor and recent research with feedback sensors attached to the pelvic floor shows the more you contract those co-contractors the more power you will create in those muscles.  Sometimes I like to have you also isolate the pelvic floor and leave co-contractors out to increase specificity and sensory awareness.

It can be, but sometimes it’s just a reaction to digestive stimulation.

Pelvic floor work awakens the nerves and blood flow to the genitals. It also strengthens the muscles in and around the genitals for stronger, longer and deeper orgasms.

Yes, but only if your difficulties are caused by tightness in your pelvic floor. If weakness is your issue and you don’t have tightness, then you can practice 3-5 times per day, maybe more. You might also consider doing pelvic floor work in conjunction with an exercise routine you already have in place. The body is always happiest in balance.

My clients that practice 2-3 times per day usually see significant improvement in 4-6 weeks. Sometimes, depending on genetics, overall health and the circumstances (if there was trauma, Ex: radiation) it may take longer. Remember that pelvic floor work should be part of your life for the rest of your life.  Exercise your pelvic floor muscles as you would any of your other muscles.

My clients stop having pelvic pain between 4-6 weeks. This is when they’re practicing stretching twice as much as working pelvic floor and working out at least once a day.  If you add a couple of warm yoga or stretch classes each week your results will be faster.

It’s good ONCE so that you can identify what your pelvic floor muscles do, but don’t stop and start a bunch of times. I have known clients that have given themselves Urinary Tract Infections.

Pelvic Floor work will hopefully become part of your daily routine. I have clients that always lift their pelvic floor at stoplights or in grocery lines.  Most people work for 3-6 months and then practice on their own.  Most continue with live classes or do private coaching as needed for specific concerns.

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