Who Benefits from Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Coach Julie helps women and men dealing with medical issues including urinary stress incontinence, bowel control and diminished sexual function often due to complications in aging, surgery or child-birth. Check out the areas of focus she works on with her pelvic floor work program.

Peeing & Prostate

Are you doing exercise or physical therapy before your prostatectomy or other pelvic surgery to overcome side effects of the procedure? Using Pelvic Coach Julie’s system of stretching and pelvic floor work in varied planes of motion two to three times daily, you can get back the life you want. This includes better sexual function, continence, stronger urination and a stronger core.

Pre & Post Natal

Did you know that doing pelvic floor work before and after a pregnancy could strengthen the muscles in that area? You can have a strong base (pelvic floor) and a supportive abdominal wall by using our system of practicing pelvic floor work and stretching in many planes of motion.  This specific brand of core work before and after your pregnancy will offer you continence, back and core strength and better sex.

Tight Pelvic Floor

Are your pelvic floor muscles tight? Do you have back or pelvic pain? Pelvic Coach Julie’s system of stretching and breathing exercises combined with pelvic strengthening will restore balance in your deep core, improve urinary continence and make pelvic or back pain a memory.

Mature Women

Aging gracefully seems so easy when in your 20’s, but as you get older our skin and body do change, making the grace part you hear about so often more difficult.  Pelvic Coach Julie’s system of strength practice and stretch has helped many of her clients and friends keep their pelvic floor higher and stronger.